Welcome to Houseplant Dictionary!

Welcome to Houseplant Dictionary!

Jihi Elephant provides houseplant informationhouseplant care information, and tools for happy healthy houseplants. With the free newsletter subscription, Houseplant Dictionary also provides a free monthly newsletter subscription with exclusive downloads, deals, and tips!

In August of 2018, Houseplant Dictionary was created after I spent hours researching my 60+ houseplants in an attempt to find basic and simple information to help me take care of them properly. I found it very difficult to find all of my plants in one place or all of the information in simple terms to help a newbie learn quick. 

While Houseplant Dictionary is by no means a complete dictionary, we are constantly growing and learning. For legal purposes, we only have images of plants that we own (though the collection is ALWAYS growing. If you are looking for a particular plant or breed and we don’t have it, let us know!

The goal of Houseplant Dictionary is to help you learn more about your houseplants in a quick and simple way!

Browse the dictionary alphabetically or by plant type, light levels, poison level.

Houseplant Dictionary is always striving to improve the dictionary and is constantly adding plants. If you don’t see the plant you are looking for, request it to be added!

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