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Alocasia Macrorrhiza | Elephant Ear Plant

The Alocasia Macrorrhiza, otherwise known as the elephant ear plant is characterized by green heart-shaped leaves with light colored veins. These plants originated in Australia, Malesia, and Papuasia.

Plant Information

Botanical Name: Alocasia Macrorrhiza

Nicknames: Elephant Ear

Origin: Australia, Malesia, Papuasia

Size: Alocasia macrorrhizos varies in size, 6 inches to over 6 feet. The plant likes to be root bound, plant in a smaller pot.

Plant Care

Lighting: The elephant ear plant requires very bright indirect light. Direct light will burn the leaves.

Watering: Allow the top few inches of the soil to dry between watering. Water soil evenly, do not over water.

Fertilizing: Fertilize this plant every 2 weeks, March through December. Dilute fertilizer to half strength

Temperature: Between 60°-80.° F. Keep plant away from cold drafts.

Humidity: This plant prefers high humidity. Do not mist.

Soil: The elephant ear prefers well-aerated loose soil with peat moss.

Pruning: Remove yellow and browning leaves.

Propagation: Use plant division.

Potential Problems: Remove dust from leaves. Spray with warm soapy water every few weeks to avoid pests. The plant is susceptible to disease if over-watered.

Poison Information: The elephant ear is very poisonous, Level 4