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Aloe Vera Plant

Plant Information

The Aloe Vera Plant, or Aloe Barbadensis, is characterized by thick leaves that feature a spiky texture. This plant’s leaves are often used for medicinal purposes as the sap can be used to treat burns. These plants originated in North Africa

Botanical Name: Aloe Vera, Aloe Barbadensis

Origin: North Africa

Size: 1 – 2 ft

Plant Care

Lighting: Aloe vera plant prefers bright indirect light

Watering: Allow soil to dry between watering. Be sure to water well and evenly.

Fertilizing: Use 10/40/10 plant food monthly, dilute fertilizer to half strength.

Temperature: Aloe Vera prefers temperatures between 65°-85° F. Aloe does not do well in temperatures less than 40°F.

Humidity: This play prefers low humidity

Soil: Aloe plants prefer well-aerated loose soil with sand.

Pruning: Aloe Vera rarely requires pruning

Propagation: Use offsets or suckers.

Potential Problems: Has few pest and disease problems. Overwatering can cause root rot.

Poison Information: Plant sap often used for medicinal purposes, other parts can be poisonous, Level 1.