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Caladium | Elephant Ear Plant

The Caladium Elephant Ear, otherwise known as the elephant ear plant is characterized by large, thin, heart-shaped leaves. This plant originated in South America.

Plant Information

Botanical Name: Caladium

Nicknames: Elephant Ear

Origin: South America

Size: The size of Caladium Elephant Ear varies. The leaves alone can grow to be as large as 24 inches in size. The plant likes to be root-bound, so plant it in a smaller pot.

Plant Care


The Caladium Elephant Ear prefers very bright indirect light.


Allow the soil to dry between watering. Water soil evenly, but do not overwater your plant as this can kill the plant.


Fertilize your elephant ear every 2 weeks, March through December with fertilizer diluted to half strength


Between  70°-85.° F, keep away from cold drafts.


Caladium requires high humidity, do not mist this plant


Caladium Elephant Ear does best in well-aerated loose soil + peat moss.


Remove yellow and browning leaves


Use plant division in the spring. Allow this plant to rest for 5 months beginning in fall. 

Potential Problems

Be sure to remove dust from leaves. Spray with warm soapy water every few weeks to avoid pests. Elephant Ears are susceptible to disease when over-watered.


  • Spider mites
  • Thrips


  • Phytophthora Leaf Blight
  • Pythium Rot
  • Phyllosticta Leaf Spot.

Poison Information

Very poisonous, Level 3

Caladium | Elephant Ear Plant