Summer 2019 Houseplant Tour | 200+ Plants

It’s finally here, I did a houseplant tour! I will definitely be giving frequent updates as I am constantly adjusting my plants and adding plants! Enjoy!

Houseplant Care

Here are some of my favorite houseplant care products.

Favorite Soil Products

  • Espoma 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix –
  • Espoma AP4 4-Quart Organic Potting Mix –
  • Garden Horticultural Grade Premium Perlite 8 quart –
  • Hoffman Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, 10 Quarts –

Plant Food & Fertilizers

  • Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food, 8 oz –
  • Espoma Organic Grow, 24 oz Fertilizer –


  • 6L Humidifier –
  • Small Humidifier –

Plant Goodies!

  • Macrame Plant Hangers –
  • Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium –
  • Flower Rack Wood Plant Stand –
  • Modern Plant Stand –
  • Modern black and white strips seagrass belly basket –

Disclosure: I make a small commission if you use these Amazon links to make a purchase.

10 Must-Have Indoor Plant Pots & Planters

If you are into plants, then you are likely into plant pots and planters! Figuring out what you want when you are plant shopping can be super difficult. I have broken pot shopping into 10 different plant pot categories to help you decide!

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are a classic and they work well in most environments! The orange color contrasts beautifully with the green of a plant and makes an irresistible visual. An added bonus, terracotta are of the cheapest pots out there, perfect for a tiny budget!

Cement Plant Pots

Cement plant pots are simple, yet beautiful. They work perfectly in a an industrial decor, but will honestly go with so many other decorating style types as they can be simple and leave the focal point on the plant. 

Metallic Detailing & Geometric Designs

I am personally a huge fan of pots with metallic (particularly gold) detailing. I love the way they add character to a plant, particularly if the plant inside of the pot won’t cover up the plant. Because there is no end to the design possibilities of this type of pot, they will go with any decor!

White & Simple

My personal favorite type of pots are simple, so white pots are definitely scattered throughout my home. You literally cannot go wrong with a white plant pot as it will match everything else you have going on. You will never need to replace these pots if you do any redecorating. 


Baskets are a really unique way to pot plants. While the basket is not technically a pot, they are a great way to hide ugly or unwanted pot designs. You can use virtually any pot and stick it in a basket to add a natural feel to your home.

Modern Plant Pots

Modern plant pots are an incredibly popular and elegant way to pot your plants. These types of planters are generally white (but they do not have to be) and are placed in a wooden stand. These are great additions to virtually any home. The only real downside to these pots are their price as they are of the more expensive planters. 

Hanging Pots

Hanging planters are a solid choice for any trailing or climbing-type plant. These pots lift such plants off of the ground or any surface and allow you to fill that empty space near your ceiling with a beautiful plant! There is no limit to these planters, however, macrame hangers are particularly popular.

Natural Planters

What I love about more natural planters is that they bring the beauty of nature indoors. Additionally, they are simple to make yourself! These planters are great at making a room cozier!

Plant Racks

Plant racks are for those dedicated to plants or in need of more shelving! These planters take up a lot of space as they are made to house more than 1 plant. These are beautiful for displaying your collection of houseplants.

Quirky Plant Pots

Quirky plant pots include pots and planters that take on crazy and unique shapes and designs. I love quirky pots because they add personality to your plants! I personally have some really cool simple white elephant planters, but there are so many cool pots out there, you are sure to find one that suits your style.

What is your favorite of these planter types? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Must-Have Indoor Plant Pots & Planters