Dionaea Muscipula | Venus Fly Trap

Dionaea Muscipula | Venus Fly Trap

The Dionaea Muscipula, otherwise known as the venus fly trap is characterized by its ability to eat live bugs such as flies. This plant originated in North Carolina.

Plant Information

Botanical Name: Dionaea Muscipula

Nicknames: Venus Fly Trap

Origin: North America

Size: The size of Venus Fly Trap varies from 2 cm to 10 cm.

Plant Care

Lighting: The elephant ear prefers very bright direct light.

Watering: This plant needs to remain moist but without being soggy. The roots are sensitive and should only be watered with distilled water. 

Fertilizing: Do not fertilize as this will hard the roots.

Temperature: Between  60°-90° F, keepaway from cold drafts.

Humidity: Venus fly trap prefers normal household humidity.

Soil: This plant requires nutrient-low soil, use long fiber sphagnum moss + peat moss.

Pruning: Trim the flowering stems unless you want seeds.

Propagation: Use plant division or seeds. Seeds take years to grow.

Potential Problems: The roots are very sensitive and use of proper water and soil is essential for a healthy fly trap.

Poison Information: Not poisonous

Dionaea Muscipula | Venus Fly Trap