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Pilea Involucrata | Friendship Plant

The Pilea Involucrata, otherwise known as the friendship plant or moon valley is characterized by its velvety green leaves with deep bronze veins This plant originated in Central and South America.

Plant Information

Botanical Name: Pilea Involucrata

Nicknames: Friendship Plant, Moon Valley

Origin: Central and South America

Size: up to a foot (12 inches) in length

Plant Care

Lighting: The Moon Valley Plant will thrive best in bright indirect light; leaves will burn in direct sunlight.

Watering: Keep soil to moist spring, summer, and fall; this plant can be left a little dryer in the winter.

Fertilizing: Feed every month spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer half diluted.

Temperature: The Friendship plant thrives in 65-80°F all year-round.

Humidity:This plant requires high humidity environments to thrive.

Soil:Use a Peat moss based soil mix.

Pruning:Prune the ‘Moon Valley’ plant by pinching back the main stem to encourage fuller plant growth.

Propagation:Place 4-inch cuttings in moist potting mix during spring.

Potential Problems:These plants are resilient to disease and pests.

Poison Information:The Friendship plant is a non-toxic plant.

Pilea Involucrata | Friendship Plant

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