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What is Plant Division & How To Use It

Plant division is used for plants that have more than one shoot or stalk. Plant division like most other forms of propagation is meant to not only give you new plants but is also healthy for the well-established parent plant to thrive.

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Some plants which plant division can be used for include Snake Plants, Elephant Ear Plants, Prayer Plant, Fancy-Leaf Caladium, Most Ferns, Baby’s Tears Plants, Arrowhead Plants, Cast Iron Plants, Lady Palm, Moses In The Cradle, Peperomia Plant, Areca Palms, Calatheas, Emerald Gem Plant, Fishtail Palm, Zz Plant, Hawaiian Ti Plant, Stromanthe, Strawberry Begonias,  A Xanadu, Baby Rubber Tree, Peace Lillies, Natal Mahogany Plant, Bird Of Paradise, Chinese Evergreen, And Spider Plant.

When to Use Plant Division

Plant division is best done in early spring or early fall to give the plant recovery time.

Materials Required

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How to Divide Your Plants

  1. Identify the plant you wish to divide, this is called the parent plant.
  2. Dig up the plant you wish to divide, or the parent plant.
  3. Identify the section you wish to divide from the parent plant.
  4. Take a sharp shovel to split a section of the parent plant away this should only be done with plants that have more than one shoot section.
  5. Replant parent plant and new plant sections immediately. Be sure to bury the plant at the same level it was planted before to avoid shocking the plant with too much disturbance.
  6. Thoroughly water the plants, be careful not to overwater.

Potential Problems When Using Plant Division

When using plant division be sure you are not dividing your plant during the cold winter months as the parent and divided plants are not likely to survive.